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Nurturing Potential... Transforming Lives

University Traditions

Coppin State University embraces plentiful traditions with new ones rising and old ones representing the core meaning and purpose of the 109-year-old University. The following is a list of both new and old traditions that continue to embellish Coppin State University.

School Colors – Old Gold and Reflex Blue

School Mascot –The Eagle

School Motto – Nurturing Potential…Transforming Lives


An annual ceremony held in celebration of those students who have satisfactorily completed the degree requirements in their chosen field of study. During the ceremony, each student is awarded with a diploma. This event takes place at the end of the spring semester in the month of May.

Freshman Orientation

The purpose of the Freshman Orientation program is to ascertain and provide for the needs of new students and to help them adjust to their new environment.

Dean’s List

The University’s Honor Roll, posted on at the end of each semester. Students who finish the semester with a 3.5 or above GPA are posted on the Dean’s List.


A gala occasion celebrated one weekend in February each year. There is a full week of events that culminate with the homecoming Cabaret. One of the big events of the spring semester.

Miss & Mister Coppin Pageant

The Miss and Mister Coppin Pageant is an annual event held the first week in December. The coronation for Miss and Mister Coppin is held annually during the Homecoming Week.

Royal Court Kings & Queens

The Royal Court Pageant is an annual event held the first week in December. The coronation for Royal Court Kings & Queens is held annually during the Homecoming Week. The Royal Court Kings & Queens include the titles of Miss/Mr. Blue & Gold and Mr. Eagle.

Student Senate Board

The Student Senate Board serves as the official representative of all the undergraduate students, providing means of participation through elected representation. It also serves as a forum for expression of student concerns to all members of the University community.

Alma Mater (“Hail to Thee Coppin”)

Words by: Miles W. Connor
Music by: Carloyd Thomas

Hail to thee, Coppin, Our alma mater true,
We raise our song to thee with hearts anew;
Thy name has been our pride,
Thy light has been our guide,
Leading us ever on
Through all the years.

Hail to thee, Coppin, Our alma mater true,
Emblem of light and love, our gold and blue
Here at thy shrine we bow,
Gladly to make our vow
That we shall always stand
Loyal to thee.

Greek Life on Campus



Step Shows

Step Shows represent a rhythmic performance art that combines footwork, foot stomps, vocals and handclaps that are usually practiced by African-American greeks across the nation. According to a popular belief, stepping evolved from the chants and dances of slaves who, through the action of stepping, reminded themselves of their homelands. During a step show, black fraternities and sororities rebuild the movements, making the steps more complex and unique.

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