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M.S. in Adult and General Education

The services of adult educators and other human service personnel serving adults are increasing in demand by organizations such as federal and local government agencies, centers for human resource development, community clinics, general, and mental hospitals, business and industry, public day and evening schools, and adult education centers, as well as, colleges, and universities.

The Master of Science in Adult and General Education is designed to enhance the professional competency of those individuals working in diverse fields serving adults. It is also meant to develop and strengthen the liberal and specialized education of administrators, counselors, teachers, and all other relevant parishioners of adult education, counseling and training programs.

All degree candidates must select an area of specialization in consultation with their faculty advisor. A student planning to pursue a degree in this program should confer with the assigned faculty advisor during the first semester of studies for approval of the choice and sequence of courses to be taken. Non-degree seeking students are also encouraged to discuss their course selections with faculty.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the basic requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies, a degree-seeking student in Adult and General Education is required to schedule an interview with the Department Chairperson, and submit statement of goals and objectives and a resume of experiences.

General Program Requirements

Degree-seeking students are required to complete a minimum of thirty six (36) credit hours of graduate work. All degree candidates are required to complete the designated eighteen (18) to twenty-one (21) credit hours of core courses followed by a selection of one (1) of five (5) areas of specialization in which fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) credit hours are completed. EDUC 581 is required of any Graduate student who has not had a basic statistics course either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

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