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Plato Fact Sheet

What Is Plato?

PLATO is a software program developed by PLATO Learning Systems Inc. These programs assist students in the preparation of Praxis I examinations. This computer-based system includes an academic skills assessment test, which examines key concepts in reading writing, and mathematics. Reading measures students' ability by assessing comprehension, analysis, and application skills. Writing module focuses on students' ability to use grammar, language, and to communicate effectively. Mathematics evaluates the skills necessary to read and interpret tables, problem solve, and reason. This computer-based instruction system deals with basic knowledge, and takes advantage of the popularity of personal computers, thereby giving students information in a style and format they will enjoy. With each click of the mouse, the student opens a new window of learning. PLATO is developed by PLATO Learning Inc.

Who Should Take Plato?

PLATO is strongly recommended for all education majors. To be admitted into Teacher Education, students are required to pass the Praxis I examination. More importantly, students will not be able to take methods courses until they have passed Praxis I. This computer- based system deals with basic knowledge and is offered in separate modules or all together.

In addition to the diagnostic portion of PLATO, there are also remediation modules which assist the student in improving proficiency in areas where they need assistance.

Why Take Plato?

PLATO will familiarize students with Praxis I and alert them to their strengths and weaknesses.* As a result, students will be able to make decisive plans with respect to their readiness and they will be better prepared for the actual test.

Where Can I Take Plato?

PLATO can be completed using most computer systems with internet access. You can take it anywhere and at anytime. However, you must register before using the system. Registration can be done by visiting Room 306 Grace Hill Jacobs Building between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or calling (410) 951-3073 during the aforementioned hours.

When Can I Take Plato?

PLATO is available to all education majors. As many as twenty (20) students can take the examinations simultaneously. The system can be accessed from most computers on campus and can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection (some preliminary set up is required). The test is approximately three (3) hours long and consists of three modules. These modules are reading, writing, and mathematics. All three modules may be taken at the same time or at different times.

Students interested in becoming education majors are strongly recommended to take the PLATO diagnostic test upon admission to the institution. The PLATO diagnostic test is one course requirement for students enrolled in Education Psychology - EDUC 202* The PLATO profile sheet result will delineate students' accomplishments on each component of each test.

Need Additional Information Contact:

Mr. Thomas James
Education Technology Center Room 306
Coppin State University
2500 West North Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21216
Telephone Number (410) 951-3073

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