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How To Apply

Step 1: Apply to Coppin

To be admitted into the dance program, students must meet the admissions criteria of the university. You may apply to the Dance Program and the university at the same time, however you will not be admitted into the Dance Program until you have been accepted into Coppin.

Apply to Coppin Online

Step 2: Apply to the Dance Program

The applicant should complete the online Dance Program application. You may complete this application before or after you apply to Coppin. The application should be completed one week prior to the audition date you are planning to attend.

Dance Program Application

Step 3: Placement Audition

A movement placement audition is required of all incoming freshmen and transfer students interested in obtain a dance degree. The movement placement assessment examination provides appropriate information regarding the student's training level. Contact the dance director for more information.

Audition Dates & Information

Step 4: Letters of Recommendation

The applicant should submit two letters of recommendation and a personal statement summarizing their training and performance experience and/or interest in the dance field, and prepare a short piece of choreography.

Recommendations Information

Step 5: Dance Interview

Students must interview with the Director of Dance or the Director of the Coppin State University Dance Ensemble prior to admission into the Dance Program.

Schedule an Interview

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