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Master of Education in Special Education Advanced Program

The Advanced Program in Special Education is a 33-36 credit hour program leading to the Master of Education degree in special education and is strongly oriented toward research. The Advanced Program is intended to develop leadership personnel who will design, conduct, and evaluate experimental programs of intervention in special education settings and provide service to the profession in administrative and policy-making roles. The program is designed for individuals who are already certified in Special Education. This program is very appropriate for certified teachers who have sharply defined career objectives and who exhibits very strong academic credentials. Finally, this graduate program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

Admission Requirements

Teacher-practitioners apply to the Coppin State University School of Graduate Studies through the Office of Admissions. The Dean of Graduate Studies make admission decisions in cooperation with Chairpersons of the graduate academic departments. These persons constitute the Graduate Admissions Committee.

Application Deadlines

Phase I: The “Readiness-to-Enter to the Teacher Education Program” Performance Assessment

The Department of Special Education employs the following criteria for admission to The Master of Education in Special Education and Initial Certification Program:

Prerequisite Requirement:

A baccalaureate (bachelors) degree, requiring four years of full-time study, or equivalent, from a college or university holding full regional or national accreditation and teaching certification in special education are required for admission to this graduate program.

Writing Sample and Structured Interview:

A Narrative Statement of Interest in Special Education and an interview with the Special Education Admission Committee are required prior to admission.

Full Admission:

Potential teacher-practitioners who have met both the School of Graduate Studies’ admission requirements and Maryland State Department of Education’s qualifying scores on the Praxis I: Basic Skills Assessment subtests and received a satisfactory rating on the Department of Special Education Interview Rating Form will be fully admitted to the Department of Special Education.

Conditional Admission:

Graduate programs may admit teacher-practitioners who have less than a 3.0 GPA. The minimum acceptable GPA and other specific conditions such as prerequisite courses, is established by each program. Teacher candidates admitted under the Conditional Admissions status are required to correct any deficiencies as determined by Special Education Admission Committee. The requirements to continue in the program are listed on the admissions worksheet and sent to the teacher-practitioner from the Graduate Dean. Completion of the conditional stipulation removes this status from the teacher-practitioner’s record and the teacher-practitioner is admitted as a degree-seeking teacher-practitioner. The School of Graduate Studies program may take into consideration successful work experience, certificates and other related information in setting minimum acceptable GPA below 3.0 to be used for conditional admission.

Admission Decisions

The Director of Admissions submits all completed applications to the Dean of Graduate Studies. No decision is made with respect to an application to a graduate program until all required credentials have been submitted. The Special Education Admission Committee will make recommendations regarding admission to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Major Advisor

The Department of Special Education Chairperson will designate a major advisor and, when applicable, a thesis director (who may or may not be the same faculty member as the major advisor) to each teacher-practitioner. The major professor will act as the teacher-practitioner's mentor and will be responsible for helping the teacher-practitioner develop and complete a Plan of Study. The major advisor is responsible for ensuring that the teacher-practitioner is making satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree, and for meeting with the teacher-practitioner periodically to review the his/her progress.

Exit Requirements
Course Sequence

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