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Admission Packet
School of Graduate Studies Admission Packet
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Thank you for your interest in Graduate Studies at Coppin State University. The School of Graduate Studies at Coppin State University offers programs for enhancement of professional competencies and provides advanced contemporary training in the areas of education, criminal justice, nursing and human services.

The major goal of the School is to provide a learning environment conducive to the increase of knowledge by scholarly research and clinical practicum experiences, and the development of skills, attitudes and competencies that are applicable to growth and development in an urban setting. The objectives of the School of Graduate Studies are congruent with the mission of the University.

Participation in Graduate Studies at Coppin State University can lead to personal growth, professional advancement, and financial gain. This investment may open doors to more opportunities than ever imagined. Many of our programs can be tailored to meet your particular academic and career needs. We offer a variety of graduate programs in Education, Human Services Administration, Criminal Justice, Nursing, and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling. Additionally, we offer a Master of Education on line. This program is especially designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and does not require an on-campus residency.

I invite you to explore the great possibilities and opportunities that await you as a graduate student at Coppin State University. You will be joining an elite group of students and a great faculty who model the values and historical perspectives of an institution that is more than a century old – an institution that is committed to meeting your present and future academic and career needs.

Please examine the materials provided on this Web site for further information about Coppin State University and its graduate programs. If you need additional information, you may contact the individual programs directly or the School of Graduate Studies:

Graduate Office - (410) 951-3090
E-mail -

Again, thank you for your interest. It is NOT too late to take the challenge and achieve your goals.


Mary E. Owens-Southall, Ph.D.

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