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Nurturing Potential... Transforming Lives

Invest Why

Every year, hundreds of alumni, friends, faculty and staff give to Coppin State University. We rely on our supporters to ensure that we can continue our legacy. For over 110 years Coppin State University has been educating and preparing students for real world challenges. The university has a long history of producing some of the most talented and committed educators, nurses, criminal justice professionals and entrepreneurs in the country.

In turn, we want to ensure that our donors get the best possible return on their investment. Like many other higher education institutions, Coppin has expanded its programs and course offerings, extended its reach to impact the surrounding community and heightened its awareness of the need to strengthen global relationships. Your philanthropy makes all these initiatives possible.

When you give, you’re part of an influential group that allows Coppin State University to grow, advance and change. We nourish the minds of students with great potential and a high level of commitment to earning a degree. We advance the mission of the university by remaining committed to quality educational programs. We change lives by not only giving opportunities to those who would otherwise not have them, but also by producing change agents who go on to impact their communities and beyond.

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