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Welcome from the Dean,
Beverly J. O'Bryant, PhD, LPC, NCC, NCSC

Welcome to the School of Professional Studies (SPS) website at Coppin State University (CSU). Congratulations on deciding to further your education and thank you for your interest in undergraduate or graduate study at Coppin. We are one of the newer schools at Coppin State University and home to very established as well as recently developed programs focused on preparing highly qualified professionals in the human service professions. The School of Professional Studies offers eight (8) undergraduate degrees and five (5) graduate degrees in five (5) departments of study. The undergraduate and graduate degrees from each department for which you can aspire in SPS include the following:

Distinctive School offerings include:

Our mantra is "WE ARE FAMILY".

The School of Professional Studies will nurture, guide and mentor you as students, assist you with your challenges, seek life-enhancing opportunities whenever possible, provide soft and tough love as needed, shield you from harm as we are able, prepare you for a life of professional fulfillment and cherish our ultimate successes as you reach the goals you set for yourselves...because WE ARE FAMILY!!

The School of Professional Studies respects and appreciates our full time faculty and staff who provide the daily sustenance that makes our School a School. We listen to their suggestions, adhere to their assignments, revere their expertise, cherish their allegiance and commitment to the success of all students and programs, and are forever grateful for their presence in the Coppin community in general and the SPS Family in particular...because WE ARE FAMILY!!

The School of Professional Studies embraces and appreciates the expertise our adjunct faculties provide for students, the school and the university. We are inclusive in our goals, objectives, and implementation plans and we look forward to our adjunct faculty embracing us as such also...because WE ARE FAMILY!!

The School of Professional Studies respects and cherishes our University Leaders and administrators who are committed to the good of the whole…for in their loyalty and commitment to Coppin's success lies direct impact for our success as the School of Professional Studies. We embrace the concept of success for all...because WE ARE FAMILY!!

And, the School of Professional Studies encourages high expectations, expects high level effort and participation, adheres to high standards, provides high levels of involvement, enhancement and opportunity, and expects high levels of engagement and superior success of our students...because WE ARE FAMILY!!

Please visit the SPS Informant Newsletter and the website of the Department(s) which most interests you:

...and feel free to contact us for further information at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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