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School of Arts and Sciences

SAS Vision

The School of Arts and Sciences serves as the liberal arts center at Coppin State University. The School’s faculty members are dynamic in their determination to educate students in a manner that encourages them all to soar, to strive for academic excellence, regardless of their background. Students undertake a curriculum which is designed to encourage them to become thoughtful humanists and leaders in a dynamic, diverse, and global society.

SAS Mission

The School of Arts and Sciences is a student-centered academic division. The School is committed to assist students in critically examining ideas and becoming effective communicators. Students will

SAS Departments

Click on any of the five departments of interest to go to its webpages:

There are approximately 150 full-time and part-time faculty members in the School to provide outstanding instruction to our students. Approximately ninety percent of the full-time, tenure track faculty members possess terminal degrees.

SAS prepares students for careers in many diverse fields and for graduate and professional school in several disciplines by providing them with classroom instruction and opportunities for internships, service-learning activities, community service projects, and study abroad experience. Students interested in a SAS program of study may obtain information from the Chair of the Department in which they wish to pursue a major.

We are sure you will find the School of Arts and Sciences to be an enriching experience.

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