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Urban Arts Major

CREATE YOUR FUTURE ! Urban Arts At Coppin State!

If you have a strong and enduring interest in the arts, but you don’t necessarily want to depend on being an artist or performer to earn a living, then THIS MAJOR IS FOR YOU! It’s a flexible program that can prepare you to work in a variety of jobs, including positions in public or private arts organizations, in businesses that use the arts, and in professions such as hospitality and tourism, which require extensive public contact and sensitivity to the arts. urban arts can even start you on the road to becoming an independent entrepreneur.

Required courses for this major include general education requirements (GERs). All bachelor’s degree students at Coppin, in all of our majors, must complete GERs and graduation requirements in freshman seminar and computer literacy. In addition, all students complete classes in their majors. Click on “Required Courses” to see a list of everything you need to earn your degree in urban arts. Click on “Curriculum Plan” to see the classes you should take each semester. You can begin taking urban arts courses during your first year here at Coppin.

Curriculum Plan

Required Courses

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